Kittrell Paycard

Give Your Employees the Payroll Card They Will Love!

Kittrell Paycard

Experience the Kittrell Paycard Difference!

Employers Start Here

You're in Control!

You worked hard to earn your money - you shouldn't have to pay fees to access it. Yes, fees can be incurred in certain situations - check our Cardholder Agreement - but they are few and far between, and a fee-free ATM network with MoneyPass means they can access their payroll at no cost.

Anywhere Access

Account Information - when and where they need it! From our Member Site - on desktop or mobile browser, to our Apple and Android mobile applications, to two-way texting, and an automated phone system available 24/7, Kittrell Paycard cardholders have the information they need at their fingertips!

Touchless Wallets

The world's a scary place - you need touchless payment options. Kittrell Paycards are integrated with mobile device payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Kittrell Bill Pay

How Do I Pay My Rent?

Kittrell Bill Pay, that's how!

Our new and improved bill pay system makes it super simple for your employees to pay their utilities, mobile phone bills, even their rent - we'll send a paper check to their landlord on their behalf!

Most billers in our system can be paid electronically and post in 1 or 2 days. If a biller cannot be found in our system, they can be added as a custom biller and we will mail them a paper check when requested.

How Do I Get My Balance?

Kittrell Mobile App

Kittrell Paycard Mobile v3 is here! We heard your feedback and our new and improved app will fix the things that were bugging our cardholders in the past. Get your balance, see your transactions, manage your alerts, get a replacement card, and so much more!

Member Website

Don't want to install another app on your phone? No problem. Our mobile-friendly website can be accessed anywhere, from any modern browser. The website offers all of the same functionality as the mobile app.

Get It Delivered!

Cardholders can get their balance delivered to them daily by whatever method works best for them - as a push notification in the new mobile app, as a text message, or right to their email inbox.

Two-Way Texting

Just send the word "balance" as a text message to the number listed on the back of the Kittrell Paycard. Your account balance will be returned within seconds! Doesn't get much easier than that.

Kittrell Mobile App

What Else?

Glad You Asked...

Fee-Free ATM Network

Your employees can access their money anytime, fee-free with our partner ATM network MoneyPass. Click here to find MoneyPass ATM's in your area. They can also get cashback for free at most point-of-sale terminals.

Tireless Support

Our support number is printed directly on the back of the Kittrell Paycard. Your employees can call us 24/7 - an automated menu should handle most requests, but they can reach someone on our Customer Success Team during normal business hours if they need further support.

Real-Time Alerts

Give your employees piece of mind by knowing what is happening with their Kittrell Paycard account as it happens. Get alerts delivered as push notifications in our new mobile app, as SMS text messages, or through email.


Assure your employees that their Kittrell Paycard is not tied to any one job or employer. Got a side hustle? Set up direct deposit with them! Expecting a stimulus check, tax refund, or government benefit payment? Put those on your Kittrell Paycard too!


If your employees lose their card, they don't lose access to their money. You - the employer - will have a box of instant issue replacement cards ready to go in your office. Simply log into our Kittrell Paycard Console, find the employee, enter the new card, and hit Replace. Out the door they go!

Card Freeze

Cardholders can freeze or unfreeze their card on-demand in the mobile app, the member website, and on the automated phone system to prevent unauthorized use and access. You can still pay them while their card is frozen, but their card cannot be used.